Being a Fact-finder

A fact-finder works by accessing a place, finding facts about it and reporting them to the public using own emotional (re)design.

The fact-finder plays with the objectiveness of a fact to discover new perspectives, new ideas and new ways of thinking about the found fact and own perception of reality. By creating visual notes, about the investigated facts, multiple fact-finding narratives of divergent realities emerge. Deciphering key remain in the eye of the onlooker.

Fact-finder directory

The directory is mapping each visual note as a geomarker on the World Map, identifying locations that matter to fact-finders.

Submit the visual notes to be included in the directory by clicking on the Submit entry button.

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Visual notes

A visual note is a combination between a visual element and an accompanying written note in form of a short text. It is created by the fact-finders while investigating the place of interest - depicting how the fact-finder perceived and emotionally redesigned the discovered fact.

The visual element can relate to either an image, a short video clip, a movie, a sound capture, a drawing, a picture, a performance, or any other creative expression, which is or can be later digitalised using an image, video or audio format.

The textual element can relate to either a caption, a poetry, or a prose, which will be added online as plain text when submitting the visual note.

The visual element together with its accompanying text constitute the visual note.


The fact-finding was initiated as an artistic-investigative method that encourages empathy and self-consciousness, non-conflictual resolutions of divergences, enhanced interaction among people or communities having different conceptions and understandings, and, overall, the gift of presence, the power of witnessing, by Alex Bodea.

Browse the Alex Bodea visual notes archive or read The Fact Finder, a dystopic graphic novel inspired by this artistic practice.

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