Local Map

What is a Local Map?

  • A data visualisation of several visual notes related to a unique location, created by several fact-finders part of the same fact-finding mission. The investigated location can be an institution, a community or a larger geographical area.
    • Keep in mind that each visual note of a local map must be submitted invididually.
    • The local map is designated by a geometrical area enclosure visible on the map.

How to create a Local Map?

  • Initiate yourself in the fact-finding interventions. Explore the global map and discover the visual notes of other fact-finders. Start creating your own visual notes by exploring your environment. Practice individually until you are ready to join a group mission.
  • Find and join an open fact-finding mission by exploring the Open Missions section, or create a new mission with your friends and colleagues and ask us to make it public on this directory.
  • All fact-finders shall create their visual notes at the location. Read more in How to create a visual note section.
  • The mission's visual notes will be submitted as part of the same local map by using unique identifiers. Read more in How to submit a visual note section.

What's next?

  • Submit each visual note for publication on the global map, using the Submit entry button, as explained in How to submit a visual note section.
  • Assign the same local map to each visual note of the same mission, by selecting +Add to a local map checkbox, when uploading the visual note.
  • After selecting the checkbox, a Local Map section is opened in the submission form, where the local map is identified with a unique map title and description:
    • Under title, specify the actual name of the location where the mission took place.
    • Under description, give more details about the fact-finding group and mission.

How to create a visual note

Join a fact-finding mission

How to submit a visual note