Fact-Finding Mission

What is a fact-finding mission?

  • A fact-finding investigation held at a certain location, conducted individually or by an organised group of fact-finders, aiming to encourage empathy and sensible perception regarding people, places and communities under observation.
  • An artistic intervention that encourages empathy and self-consciousness, non-conflictual resolutions of divergences, enhanced interaction among people or communities having different conceptions and understandings. The gift of presence, the power of witnessing.
  • An emotional literacy intervention where fact-finders are called to a sensible alertness of everyday life, urbanity, human interactions in a space and to emotionally emphasize their perception, ideas and observations regarding people, places and communities, so that, when exposed to findings, the observed public shifts its focus of self-reflection process to discover the power of being witnessed.

How to go in a mission?

  • Initiate yourself in the fact-finding. Explore the map, the concept, and discover the visual notes of other fact-finders.
  • Start creating your own individual visual note by exploring your environment or go to a certain location of interest and, where necessary, ask for permission to visit and take visual notes. Submit your visual notes for publication in the Global Map.
  • When you are ready to join a group mission, search the active Open Missions. Simply ask to join an existing meeting group and learn by doing. Your mission leader will guide you through the process.
  • Create your own group fact-finding mission, by organising a group with your friends, colleagues, or new acquitances. Feel free to use social networks such as Meet-Up, Facebook or alike, to open a call for participation or spread the word to your friends or colleagues. Establish criteria for participation in a group mission, the meeting start and ending time and place, and ethical and conduct guidelines. Publish your call for participation. Share the call details with us via our contact e-mail: we will include it in our directory of open calls, in the Open Missions section.

How to contact a host?

  • Find a host institution, community or certain place of investigation that interests you. Where case, explain your goals and ask for permission to visit. Establish precise areas and times of visit, while indicating the maximum number of fact-finders who will join you. Emphasize the impact of a fact-finding mission:
    • Redefine a space or a situation from an external point of view
    • Bring to awareness information that neither insiders nor outsiders are aware of
    • Disrupt and confront conflicts and divergences without being judgemental, mediate incongruencies, misunderstandings, difference
    • Reevalue ourselves and our environment through emotional empathy
    • Challenges the feelings of isolation and apathy and the frustrations built in an environment depleted by routine
    • Ultimately, builds on feedback and communication that constitute a part of normal/positive social relations.

What's next?

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