Visual Note

What is a visual note?

  • A digitalised visual & a textual caption of an emotional expression related to a fact found in an investigated location:
    • any visual creative expression: an image, a short video clip, a movie, a sound capture, a drawing, a picture, a performance, etc.
    • any written note: a caption, a poetry or a prose which relates to the visual element.
  • A basic unit of the fact finder directory, which can be submitted via Submit entry button, to be placed as geomarker on the World Map, at the exact location where the fact inspiring that particular visual note was found.
  • A core element of the emotional literacy redesigning the reality through the lenses of a sensible analysis. Its deciphering key remains in the eye of the onlooker.

How to create a visual note?

  • Go to the place you want to investigate, by either organising a new fact-finding mission or joining an already existing one.
  • Find a fact that emotionally attracts you, e.g. detailed aspect in the investigated reality. Find out what is remarkable about it for you. Think of a one or two keywords that summarizes its essence or your perspective on it.
  • With the help of a notebook and a marker/pencil, draft a sketchy visual of the found facts, note the place, date and hour for each one, and add the keywords about the impression left on you. This is thought-process that will help you finalising the visual note.
  • Create your visual note letting yourself guided by this sketch, making best us of the interrelation between the visual form and the text accompanying the visual.
  • Prepare the visual note for submission:
    • digitalise the visual element in a single digital item of any image, video or audio format, not exceeding 2 M in size.
    • prepare the accompanying caption as plain text no larger than 2200 characters.

What's next?

  • Upload the visual note on the map, by submitting it via the Submit entry button.

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